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Ever thought of winning against all odds of society?, saving your girl from a gang of goons?, winning a jackpot of crores of rupees?, your dupatta getting stuck in a guy’s sleeve?, the man of your dreams, coming towards you, in slow-motion?, being piled up with a hell lot of problems and then having a happy ending just like the typical Bollywood movies?

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If you all, ever thought this would happen, you need to rethink about it. There is thin line between imagination and reality. What you imagine, might not always turn into reality.

Today, people have high IQ but less emotions. Intelligence has took over feelings. There are a lot of humans but less humanity. People are so busy into their lives, that they hardly care about the world. People own big houses but families are getting smaller, have lots of friends on Facebook but hardly anyone to be called as a friend in real, have number of affairs but no true love, wear costly watches but have no time when asked for, we have made it to the moon, but when asked who are lives in our neighbourhood, we are clueless, have the most powerful and effective medicines available but poor health, income is high but less peace of mind, more degrees but lack of common sense.

Your life is your life and no one gets to control it unless you ask them to do so. Life is unpredictable and so are we. People are not always the one who they pretend to be. The ones’s who promise you to stay with you forever might be the first one to leave. Humans are more of emotions and less of practicality. Promises are made to be broken and some might actually show you how its done. You need to be ready for it.

broken promise

What’s done is done and there’s no coming back. Humans and mistakes go hand in hand. You make a mistake, be sorry for it, but you cannot change the effect it leaves on someone. The person might forgive you, also, forget you, but it would be for his own betterment.

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You cannot please everyone. You live life as per your own terms. Some might like the way you do things, some might not. They say, “Not everyone likes me and not everyone matters”, this is what you need to understand. You need to prioritize things as how they matter to you and rest, just leave and let them be as it is. We are humans, not robots.

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No matter how much you resist, you are accountable to someone. Things you do or you don’t, comes with an explanation for the reason they have been done. You owe it to anyone who is related to it or not but is related to you, at least.

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If you wish to live forever, that’s not gonna happen. Everything comes with an expiry date, so is life.

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You cannot control what someone else thinks. People think what they want to and its nearly impossible to change it. If you do so, congrats, you were able to do what others are not.

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Holding onto something which breaks you down would not do any good to you. Sometimes, you just need to leave to live, that’s it.

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You may reach at life’s highest peaks but you cannot forget your roots. Success comes with fame and glory but you cannot really deny where you came from.

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Privacy is not a thing anymore when everything’s social. If you think you know yourself better than anyone else, then, you need to correct yourself, because, other’s know you a bit more.

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It is not wrong to imagine things to happen in a certain way, but to get carried away with it, is certainly is. Yes, you need to do things from your heart but that does not mean you would not give a push to your mind. What they show in a movie, is what they want you to see and not what is going to happen. Similarly, what you imagine your life to be and what it turns out to be is purely a matter of efforts you put in, time you give and then its your fate, which no one can change.

“You are are the creator of your own destiny”, remember that and start working accordingly.

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A society without women is just like bread without butter, books without knowledge, heart without feelings and life without soul. We live in the 21st century, where we expect people to be understanding, mature and to behave in a respectful manner, but, the current situation is now complementing to what is expected.

From the time, when woman were considered as a burden in the family, was killed even before she could open her eyes, restricted from taking up education, made to marry a guy who is double her age when she was just a minor, when her life existed inside the four walls and when her voice was always suppressed, till now, a lot more has changed and evolved, yet she remains a SUFFERER.

Many have spoken about it, read about it, heard about it, but has anyone actually thought about it? because I see no change when I hear about the inhumane behavior of people against women.

Today, when a girl is born, she is taught how to protect herself, how to stay safe, how to limit herself from the people outside. This is what makes it different. Why not boys are told to keep their hands off women, to stand up for her when she is in danger, instead being a part of it, just WHY?

The time, a women steps out of her house, the first thing people tell her is to be careful, inform someone where you are going, to be aware of your surroundings, grab a pepper spray, keep you phone charged, do not take the same route often and to be back home on time. All rules to be imposed in girls and I would not wonder why, considering the fact, that we live today, it has become the new normal.

They say, “Not all men are the same”. Agreed!, but when I go out, even before any men touches me, I can feel his eyes travelling all along my body, even before he walks towards me, his presence haunts me, even before he makes an attempt, his mind is all set with the actions, that’s the time I think and believe “They are all the same“. This makes me question about my safety.

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But, when I come back home with a huff, I see a man waiting for me with a care in his eyes. He would do anything for me. For him, my safety matters the most. For him, I am his world and for me, he is the only man I trust, my DAD. A father might not always show, but his actions shows it all. When this man is with me, I need no other man in my life. The world out there is cruel, hopefully, I have got a shield.

To all the men out there, who thinks women are just a use and throw material, you are highly mistaken. You think you can do whatever you want to and escape just like that?. No, my dear friend, you have to face its repercussions. You might find it cool and think is it as a swag level, but trust me there isn’t any of it.

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It is not easy to live a life of a women. To have a restricted life, think twice before you act, continue to have menstrual cycle till she reaches her mid-age, find a partner, get married, have kids, look after them, family and household chores. Also, balance your professional life along with it. Get old one day and peace out. From the time, she is born, she experiences a lot a things inside out.

Change is what we need. It begins from your home itself. When I will see a women working late night in the office and then going back home without any fear or hesitation, it will be a change, when a women will not be recorded, instead served justice, it will be a change and when women a will raise her voice and tell the society that she is way more stronger than they think she is, it will be a change.

protecting women

She needs empathy, not sympathy. She is a warrior, not a victim, She might fail, but will continue to try. She needs support, not pity. She needs love, respect and identity that she exists. She has got what it takes to believe that she can and she will, definitely.

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To be in a certain shape is the need and want of this era. There are some pre-set standards of society when it comes to being presentable. “You are not fit for this job as your personality is not appealing”, “You need to reduce yourself, to adjust in this place” is what we get to hear these days. The only question I get after listening to these statements is, “Who are these people who set these standards?” and suddenly the answer which pops out is “WE“.

Being comfortable with your body shape, carrying yourself gracefully, spreading positivity with your words, thoughts, ideas and most importantly always smiling irrespective of the problems you are dealing with makes you presentable and a perfect fit for things you wish for. Being slim or being fat would not make you achieve and prosper in life but being knowledgeable will, always.

The only reason I am writing this is I have been a victim to such kind of statements which people make without even thinking and understanding what the other person might feel and go through.

Since, I was a kid I have been called out for my dark skin color and fat body. Well, skin color is something which doesn’t matter to me anymore because I love my brown skin and let people think what they want to. Just like nature is made of different colors, people are. Imagine flowers being green just like trees, would you put them into your hair or would you gift them to your loved ones on Valentine’s? Probably, no. But, the fact that I am fat is undeniable when I walk out of my house, when people stare at me like I am different from them, when I am not allowed to participate in my school annual function because of my weight, when I am mocked by people for my weight during social gatherings, when at the mall I see people’s strange reaction when I pick a extra large size outfit, when I am constantly reminded for reducing weight, by my near ones, this all things USED TO BOTHER ME.

Yes, I am Fat, yet 'I Love Myself' is the Fact!

Yes, you read that right. Now, I know and believe that we live in a judgemental society, so, whether you wear a off shoulder top or a knee long kurti, whether you apply make up or you don’t, whether you have a boy cut or long hair, whether you eat with your hands or with a spoon, whether you are dark or fair, and whether you are slim or fat, YOU WILL BE JUDGED. Just accept this fact and move on. Trust me, life would be so easy when you try to live for yourself and not others, when you be independent and stop expecting from others, when you forgive people and just forget them for your betterment.

The Problem with Our Judgmental Society

You must have heard the phrase which says, “Happiness is not found, its created“. You just need to look for the ways you can create happiness for yourself and you do not need to look into books or consult any doctor for that. Just, spend some time with your loved ones, share your thoughts with them, meditate, eat what you love, give some time for yourself and stop thinking about the world out there, for a while, you will create happiness for yourself.

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